the Rhythm PROJECT!

the rhythm project

Do you want to play with more rhythmic freedom, have a better time-feel, and create an original and organic sound?
If you are ready to start playing more rhythmic solos and develop organic language without memorizing licks then sign up below!

the Rhythm PROJECT!

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Learn how to completely transform your approach to improvisation by expanding your rhythmic vocabulary!


Here’s a taste of a tune of mine that I wrote for one of my oldest musical brothers on the planet and one of the absolute baddest out there @makayamccraven 🙏

”ayakaM” recorded live in November 2021 at @cassandrastudio in Beacon, NY.

Head over to my YouTube page to check out the full version and hit SUBSCRIBE while you’re over there. 😎🙏🤘

Geoff Vidal – Saxophone
Bryan Ponton – Keyboard
Absolutlee Lee – Guitar
Adam Coté – Bass
Guerin Williams – Drums
Ovation Sound – Recording studio in Winston-Salem, NC


March 13, 2022

My good friend Bill Stevens of Ovation Sound in Winston-Salem, NC has meticulously mixed and edited the GV5’s “Night Flight Music Live” livestream concert from last November and produced 8 singles that I will be putting out on my YouTube channel over the coming months. The band sounds great and I’m extremely happy with how this newest batch of original compositions turned out. I’m also deeply grateful for all the hard work my brother Bill did in getting this music ready to be shared with the world.

I’m also super excited to be returning to performing live in the Hudson Valley this spring with my small group the GV5, the Analog Jazz Orchestra and the Funk Junkies to name a few of the bands I perform with regularly. In addition to all of that, this summer is shaping up to be a very busy time for me. I’m extremely grateful to be able to play as much music as I currently do and please be on the lookout for a performance near you.


November 18, 2021